Common Tongue

Aether – A substance known as ‘airy earth’. It behaves in all manner as regular earth does, except in regards to the pull of Thanatos. As a result, it floats in space, rather than needing to be supported by the Tree. Aether always holds a charge, either netural or variable. Aether with a neutral aetheric charge floats in place. Aether with a variable charge may rise and fall, as the charge changes. Aether is key to the creation of Skyships.

Dragon – The native inhabitants of Phaneon. Almost entirely non-sentient, they tend towards the primal and ferocious, and have an unusual natural affinity for elemental magic. They are named as such after their resemblance to the old dragons of legend.

Drake – Corrupted from the original Grigori word, Drakonhersti, it is now the name given to those of the Dragons with a humanoid form and the potential for sapience.

Dust – The most common form of currency, rated by Motes. Dust is given worth based upon the equivalent amount of ‘untainted’ Dust that a single mote can purcahse. Most common denominations are 100 mote, 500 mote and 1,000 mote coins.

Fragment – A world found in the branches of the Great Tree. Arcanists claim that there are thousands or even millions of Fragments, and that each was one part of the First World.

Grigori – An Auldish race known for their lack of theurgic reverence and tenancies towards self reliance.

Land Mote – An area of land composed mostly of Aetheric earth, allowing it float without the support of any other structure.

Lake of the Dead – Also known as the Lake of Thanatos. This is said to exist at the base of the tree. Some believe that it is death’s grip that causes things to fall, and they refer to gravity as ‘the pull of Thanatos’.

Levant -

Myrtia – The now-destroyed Fragment which gave birth to the nations of Man.

Phaneon – The Fragment on which the remaining nations of Man now reside.

Shinar -

Skytreader – A class of Skyship designed to make inter-Fragement journeys. At present, only one Skytreader class ship is serviceable, and it is in the hands of the Stericas.

Stericas – A Kwellish nation, the Stericas have a reputation for their amazing design and use of sky-ships. Upon arrival in Phaneon, they claimed a large Land Mote, floating over the edge of the Fragment.

World Tree, The – The massive tree which holds up the various worlds.


Dusty – Rich.

Jack – A thief, or to thieve, usually more by luck than skill. Jack is often used as a derogatory term for those who make a living at the very bottom of the criminal ladder, perpetuating minor crimes, and

Lizard – An insulting term for a Drake – the word carries connotations of food and lack of individual power to them, and as such all but the most naive will take it’s use as a major insult.

High Tongue

Drakonhersti (Gri) – The original name given to the Drakes by Grigori explorers. It means ‘Dragon Hearted’.

Arcane Definitions

Draconis Fundementum – An organ found within all Dragons. Though normally dormant, it carries within it the potential for activation and evolution, if exposed to extreme elemental forces.


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