Creating a Character

When creating a character, it’s important to remember some of the house-rules that are being applied to this game.


Within the confines of the World Tree, only 2 races are currently known – the race of Men and the Drakes. However, each has it’s own subdivisions, subspecies or cultural or regional variations. Among the Drakes, Forest-Striders are much different from the Air-Folk as the Grigori are from the Karistes in the races of Man. It is thought that the other Fragments may hold other races, each as different from one another as the Men are from the Drakes, but, with the ability to craft new Skytreaders lost, these theories will likely never be confirmed.


The race of Man has fractured into dozens of individual nations, each with their own culture and unique traits. As a result of this, in addition to the standard Human racial benefits, each Nation of Man gains it’s own abilities, and, as humans tend to come from diverse backgrounds, each human may select a Background.


While the races of Man are fractured by culture, the Drakes themselves are not even truely a single race. Rather, there are nearly a dozen separate subspecies, each with their own unique traits, abilities and drawbacks. However, Drakes do not have the diversity of culture and tradition that humans do, and as a result, they can not select Background abilities.

Note: When looking at the house-rules, one might come to the conclusion that the characters in this campaign are over-powered, when compared to those of standard D&D 4e games. This is intentional, and has to do with the down-scaling of magic items. A traditional D&D 4e character still has a mild X-mas tree effect. They are expected to have (at minimum) 3 magic items of their level or greater, and a plethora of lesser magic devices, each with their own powers and abilities. These races (with their additional Subspecies, or Nationality and Background traits) are designed to fill in the power gap, granting the characters a few additional powers and related abilities, in order to make up for the relatively low amount of magic items in the game. Aside from the bonus Combat Expertise feat. That’s just in there because the feat itself is a patch for a minor mistake the designers made in the math, and couldn’t fix outright without a system overhaul, so it goes out for free, because why should you pay for their mistakes?



  • Arcane Rituals
  • Theurgic Rites
  • Psionic Meditations
  • Martial Practices
  • Primal Traditions

Innate Bonuses & Bonus Feats

All characters gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls at levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22 and 27, and a +1 bonus to AC, Fortitude, Reflex and Will at levels 4, 9, 14, 19, 24 and 29. They also gain the Expertise feat with all weapons and implements with which they are proficient. This feat is not available as a separate feat.

Magic Items

Items that normally grant an enhancement bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, AC and defenses (such as weapons, armor, and implements) do not provide that bonus. This has been rolled into the innate bonuses above. However, they still posses all other aspects of the item, including Powers, Properties and Critical (if any).

This has been done so that characters would not have to worry about acquiring level-appropriate magic items, or even about acquiring any magic items at all, should they so choose.

Creating a Character

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