Arcane Theories

Arcane Lexicon

Arcane – Originally meaning ‘secret’ or ‘obscure’, arcane was co-opted long ago by practicing wizards and alchemists, and has come to define the practice of manipulating Daemons to enforce a user’s will on reality.

Arcanist – One who practices the Arcane Arts. Note that, while this technically extends to Sorcerers, Warlocks, and others who come by their abilities through luck or heritage, most wizards and other trained Arcanists look down upon that usage, preferring to preserve the middle-Kwellish definition of Arcane as ‘knowledge’, combined with the modern connotation of magic. Instead, those who gain their abilities by methods other than study and knowledge are derisively refereed to as ‘spell-jacks’, a slang term which indicates that the user is a thief (jack) of magic.

Daemon – The thing which inhabits Dust. Daemons constantly communicate with one another, and, through this communication, create the properties of matter and energy.

Dust – The smallest portion of reality. Dust by itself is without form and contains only the barest bit of substance.

Arcane Theories

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